Windows Server Monitoring

Windows Server Monitoring

Windows Server Operating system is designed to run on servers which operate within a client-server architecture. These servers are usually designed to handle heavy workloads and serve as the backbone of most software operations involved in businesses. Therefore, Windows server monitoring is crucial to businesses in order to prevent any loss of service due to performance issues and to maintain the seamless flow of operations. Using Windows server monitoring tools, you can increase the performance and availability of Windows by fast detection and troubleshooting of errors and error patterns preceding system failure.

Windows server monitor provides an agentless approach to Windows service monitoring with its out of the box monitoring capabilities. Ensure that key performance attributes such as CPU, memory, disk utilizations are within permissible usage and ensure that applications hosted on these servers always run at peak performance.


Windows server monitoring for 24/7

Windows server monitor, you’ll be able to maintain an optimal overall health and availability of your Windows server by monitoring all the key Windows performance counters including details pertaining to all the Windows processes and services running on the system.

It Monteur Windows monitoring capabilities ensure that your server performance issues do not become a cause for business downtime.

Tracking CPU and Disk utilizations is very important because they reveal power consumption stats and also play a crucial role in measuring the load and analyzing performance issues.

 A processor package usually consists of multiple cores with dynamically changing frequencies and shared caches.

Windows performance monitor extensively shows the CPU utilization with the break up of individual core utilizations and their status. 

Regulate the disk usage by closely monitoring disk utilization with disk wise break-up and I/O statistics and ensure that performance bottlenecks are nipped in the bud.

Windows monitoring for all versions:

It Monteur Windows server monitoring supports all versions of Windows- Windows server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2016, 2019, Windows Vista, XP, NT, 7, 8, 10.